Interior Design of the Year – Retail Store 2023

A “Pop-Brutalist” Concept Store mark a new path.
At Clettico Interior, we believe that interior design has the remarkable ability to shape our experiences, enhance our well-being, and reflect our unique personality.
The first thing that amazes about Vision Industry is the size of the space used, 800sqm. is considered a huge space for an eyewear store, and this was already considered an arduous challenge to overcome in a rather conservative market such as the eyewear, but we embrace this challenge with enthusiasm.
Vision Industry is the first concept store that brings the industrial aesthetics of Italian eyewear laboratories to a large audience elevating the world of eyewear retail and enlightening people about the eyewear industry as whole and what is behind a creation of a “pair of glasses”
The interior design of Vision Industry aims to enhance the production and engineering value of the eyewear world, hence the idea of creating an aesthetic capable of combining typical elements of the “factory”, both in the shape and in the use of materials, with an aesthetic that pays homage to the protagonists of Italian Brutalist Design (Studio BBPR, Vittoriano Viganò, Giuseppe Perugini).”
Guided by this inspiration the selection of materials and engineering of construction details have become the hallmark of this interior design work, the use of primary materials such as iron, aluminum, solid wood, and concrete all left in their natural finish and assembled in a “dramatic” way lend a unique character and personality to the store creating a space that we like to call “pop-brutalist”.


MENA AWARD, Design & Development, Retail Store


Inspired by the brand name “Optifashion” we intended to create a space that would give the filling of ​​being immersed in an eye-glasses fashion show, and to create this scenography effect we have used typical elements such as catwalk with a maxi-screen as background that shows videos of models parade and fashion colors pallet throughout all the interiors.
The crystal glass catwalk in a bright red color positioned at the center of the shop become a strong distinctive feature element that attract the attention and at the same time invites to step in to discover more.
The main eye-glasses display, which is another distinctive feature of the Optifashion’s shops, is like a natural leaves pattern with a geometrical design and optical effect, made of triangular gold-plated metal that from top to bottoms it gradually opens like a gift box to unveil the contents.
For the most demanding customers who love shopping in a private environment, we have created a VIP area with an extremely elegant and clean design but at the same time with a fashion touch where high-end brand glasses will be exhibited.
The entire Optifashion store concept is not just an ordinary exhibition of eye-glasses but is designed as a space that reminds and immerses you in a fashion show atmosphere for a new shopping experience.




Optifashion optical shop is located at La Mer Central the new beach side development by Merass in Jumeirah. The design guidelines for this project required the use of materials much is possible natural in raw finishes giving the ideas of aged; the all design concept should have been very close to the nature reflecting her colors and mood. Based on that design requirements we have taken as inspiration the “Fibonacci Sequence” and more specifically how this sequence reflects in the nature.
The “Fibonacci Sequence” can be found anywhere in nature, like the plants and way they grow in a perfect geometric spiral to best capture the sun light. The cash counter is like a leaf decomposed into triangles with different size and shape twisting around itself with amorphous and natural effect.
The eyeglasses display, main feature of the shop, is like a leaves pattern that actually from top to bottoms it gradually opens like a gift box to unveil the contents.
And the all has been dressed using materials and finishes to reflect the mood of the nature with natural finish wood like Teak and Oak and metal finish like antique raw copper.