compasses plus – where elegance meets surrealism

November 9, 2023

compasses plus cover

Step into a space where elegance and imagination collide, as we unveil new Christie’s International Real Estate Office at ICD Brookfield Place in Dubai.

In the realm of design, blending disparate styles into a harmonious, visually stunning composition is no small feat. But when elegance and sophistication encounter the
surreal world of imagination, the result is an office space that transcends convention and expectation.

Modern design embraces luxury and striking aesthetics. In our project, this translated into a symphony of design elements, expertly woven together to create an atmosphere of
unparalleled refinement.

Key features include Clean geometric design for the walls and furniture, luxurious materials in high polished lacquer, plated metals and exotic woods, and an exquisite blend of symmetry and asymmetry. The result? A space that exudes timeless glamour.

But this design does not stop at mere elegance; it ventures into the realm of surrealism, where the boundaries of reality are pushed, and the imagination is set free. Surrealism, a movement that champions the unexpected and the dreamlike, provided the perfect counterpoint to our contemporary design.

The surrealistic rock feature is clinging to the ceiling like a suspended element creating a surprise effect that seems to dialogue with the surrealistic style artworks and unconventional office furniture gives way to whimsical, otherworldly pieces. lt is a space where reality blurs with the fantastic, sparking curiosity and wonder.

While the design might appear dreamlike, practicality was not sacrificed in this office. Every element serves a purpose, and comfort remains paramount. A seamless blend of functionality and artistic integrity ensures that this office is not just a visual spectacle but a welcoming and productive workspace.

The sensory journey begins with the choice of materials and textures. Shimmering metals create a sense of luxury, while glass accents introduce transparency and depth. Exotic woods add warmth and character.

In the realm of design, lighting and color are powerful tools. The Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai office harnesses this power with artful precision. Unique lighting fixtures at the ceiling, cast intricate shadows and add drama. Color palettes shift and evolve, subtly influencing the mood of the space.

In conclusion, this office design stands as an example to the limitless possibilities of creativity and imagination. lt is a space that transports you to a world where luxury meets whimsy, where function meets fantasy. As you exit this unique Oasis, you are left with the undeniable sense that art and design have the power to transform not only physical spaces but also our perceptions of them.

The fusion of elegance and surrealistic wonder has birthed an office unlike any other—a place where reality and dreams converge, where work and inspiration coexist, and where the boundaries of design are redefined.

Clettico Interior
Project details
Christie’s Intemational Real Estate – Dubai
Location: ICD Brookfield Place — Dubai
Buildup Area: 180 sqm